Эстетическая медицина и хирургия

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Эстетическая медицина и хирургия

Aesthetic medicine is a branch of medicine that does not strictly form part of crenotherapy -treatments using thermal water- or of balneotherapy. It consists of applying crenotherapy and alternative medicine techniques in a context of peace and rest, la light diet and daily routines.

In resorts and spas natural, non-aggressive therapies and used, which are sometimes connected with or complementary to others, but which tend to lead to a reduction in the intake of pharmaceutical drugs.

Even so, some spas are keen to offer more extensive services to their clients by providing cosmetic surgery and medicinal treatments. Among these we can find those aimed at eliminating baldness, such as capillary infiltrations that stimulate the regeneration and growth of hair or new hair implants, laser hair removal or anti-cellulite mesotherapy and reduction with injections of medicines.

But the majority of cosmetic treatments are facial: mesolifting or the application of vitamin complexes to reduce flaccidity and small wrinkles, peeling TCA (trichloroacetate) or chemical exfoliation to get rid of facial blemishes, microdermabrasion with diamonds (a deep exfoliation), coperosis or elimination of surface capillary veins, fillers for facial wrinkles and lines, injections with botox, subcutaneous lip fillers, collagen implants, micropigmentation, verruca removal by electrocoagulation, etc.

In addition, the medical departments in spa centres can offer services that include general doctors´ consultations, nutritionists and dieticians, psychologists and all kinds of tests (blood, food intolerances and ALCAT testing), measuring oxidative-anti-aging stress levels and electrocardiograms.

In Catalonia, you can find medical centres in the Hotel Colón in Caldes d’Estrac, the GEM Institute in Lloret de Mar, in the Torremirona Golf & Spa Resort in Navata, the Hipócrates Curhotel in Sant Feliu de Guíxols and the Ra Beach Hotel & Spa in El Vendrell.


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