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The European Union EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) regulations enable organisations to voluntarily join an eco-management and eco-audit system. The scheme includes all requirements under ISO 14001 regulations and some additional requisites, such as the obligation of producing an environmental statement and making it publicly available. This compulsory publication of information to the public and to other interested parties makes the EMAS Regulations more demanding and more open to the community than the ISO 14001 standard. Publishing environmental information and monitoring the organisation´s environmental behaviour is done mainly by means of the Environmental Statement. This Statement is an instrument for constant communication and open dialogue with the general public and interested parties (customers, neighbouring businesses, nearby towns, investors, town councils and other administrative bodies, local environmental groups and NGOs, etc.) It guarantees access to key relevant information on the environmental behaviour of the activity being undertaken. Currently, in Catalonia, a large number of tourist organisations have registered with the EMAS Scheme (hotels, camp sites, golf courses, yacht clubs, beaches, etc.) On the web site of the Departament de Medi Ambient i Habitatge (the Catalan department for the environment and housing) you can access all the activities involved in an environmental management system under the EMAS Scheme and also a large number of environmental statements.At the moment, the Club EMAS is carrying out a series of tasks to standardise environmental statements and enable an objective comparison to be made of the data and ensure that global indicators for the environmental behaviour of Catalonia´s EMAS activities can be monitored. Catalonia currently has 64 companies and organisations registered with the EMAS Scheme. The tourist brand with the most is the Costa Brava, with 27.


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