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Algae are plants that live in the marine environment. Although they comprise almost a third of the planet’s plant biomass, they are a practically unknown world in our culture. In comparison, we know that the Chinese used them for food and therapeutic purposes 2,500 years before our time. The Romans and the Aztecs also consumed them.

In modern balneotherapy, algae are used for wraps and baths. They come in either a lyophilised (dried) or micronised (powder) form and are mixed with water for application in body masks or in the bath. Wraps can be hot or at room temperature. The algae concentrate is applied to the body and limbs and then covered with plastic. After a few minutes, the plastic is removed and the patient is invited to take a shower. Finally, a moisturising lotion or cream is usually applied.

Therapy using algae helps to eliminate toxins and liquids and to obtain a good figure. It also reduces nervous tension and feeds the body with vitamins and marine oligoelements, mainly iodine. In addition, it has diuretic effects and leaves the skin soft.


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