Vues extérieures du Centre d'Observation de l'Univers (Cablepress)Vues extérieures du Centre d'Observation de l'Univers (Cablepress)

Astronomical experience of Montsec / declared Starlight space by the UNESCO

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Astronomical experience of Montsec / declared Starlight space by the UNESCO
Camí Coll d'Ares s/n
Marque touristique
Terres de Lleida
Catalan, Espagnol, Anglais

Housing, visit Observatory Montsec tasting and dinner in a restaurant Km.0 of dishes typical of the area.

The package includes:

  • 1 night accommodation in double room to choose between L'Alcova del Firmament (HUTL000142), 3* CIM Hotel Terradets, 3* Monasterio de Santa María de Bellpuig, 2* Hotel Santuario de Balaguer, 1* Hotel Alegret, Cal Ribero 6 (HUTL-000523), Cal Roca (PL-000659), Cal Maciarol, rural house Molí de Farfanya and Àger country farmhouse.
  • Tasting dinner of Km.0 products in a restaurant typical of the area, one of this restaurants: Restaurant Sant Crist a Balaguer, Restaurant El Claustre, Restaurant el Llac, Restaurant Maciarol
  • Visit the Observation Center of the Universe (COU).
  • Visit to choose from one of the attractions of the territory: Collegiate St. Peter Ager, Seró Transmitterr, Monastery of Les Avellanes, Castle of Montsonís, Epicenter Visitor Center, Center of Invigoration of Historical Heritage, House Bonifaci, Cave of Vilars, Interpretation Centre of Gold of Segre.
  • Touristic information and official map of the territory.
  • Travel Insurance (check the conditions here)

As a trip and a special gift:

  • Visit to Os de Balaguer castle and Campanes de Catalunya (Bells of Catalonia) museum. Every Sunday at 13h. Check other visiting hours.
  • A discount voucher to be spent in an agriculture products shop in Os de Balaguer.

Languages: Tour guides are in Catalan, Spanish and English

The price does not include:

  • Transportation service by means of the client.

Sights and Excursions Descriptions. Price included in the tourist package:

  • Observation Centre of the Universe (COU): The Observation Centre of the Universe is an exceptional multimedia installation in Europe. It consists of one folding dome where you can project movies or documentaries complete dome format and also you can watch the sky through the pictures taken by a telescope of 30 cm diameter installed in the dome itself. Moreover, you can visit the telescopes park that allows you to observe directly the sky and enjoy the permanent exhibition. Opening hours: Several tours. Every day in summer. Web:

  • Os de Balaguer Castle: On the top of a hill, which dominates the village Os de Balaguer arises the old fortified Castle 'Os Malignum Castrum'. If formed part of a defending line composed by several castles, among others it counted with: Àger, Albesa, Almenar, Alguerri, Alguaire, Castelló de Farfanya, Corbins, Llorenç, Santa Linya and Os de Balaguer itself. Opening hours: Sunday at 13h. Consult other schedules.

  • Museu de Campanes de Catalunya (Catalunya Bells museum): It is a museum where visitants are told about the characteristics and musical tunes of the bells and also about the ancient craft of Ringer that was learnt in the past, as well as, the important role of this job in the daily life of a village. It is the only museum where the visitant can experience by himself the bells ringing. The museum is found inside the castle. Opening hours: Sunday 13:00h. Consult other schedules.

  • Agrobotiga i Celler Artesanal d'Os de Balaguer (Agro and Winery Craft Shop Os de Balaguer): At the foot of the Sierra Os, surrounded by plateaus of almonds trees, cereals and olive trees, and on a hill by the upwards road which leads to the villa Balaguer, it is located the Molí del Pau, a mill that offers a variety of products such as artisan olives, nuts, honey, wine, cured meats, spirits, cheeses and nougats, as well as an small craft winery famous for its "ratafía" spirits, wines and cava craft (Catalan champagne), which just produces 4.000 bottles a year.

Highlights of the territory. You can freely choose 1 place of interest, among which are below:

  • Collegiate St. Pere of Àger: It is a monumental complex formed by the walled city, the castle and the canons of the monastery of the XI century. It has recently been restored.

  • Montsonís Castle: A great strength that retains all the splendor and elegance of times past, built on top of the quiet little village of Montsonís, surrounded by fertile land with wonderful views.

  • Monastery of Avellanes: The monastery of Santa Maria de Bellpuig de les Avellanes is an ancient abbey of canons governed by the Order of St. Augustine. It is in the municipality of Os de Balaguer in the county of Noguera. It was declared Artistic Historical Monument in 1931. The Monastery offers the possibility of enjoying a former twelfth century abbey adapted to the needs of the XXI century.

  • Centre for Promotion of Historical Heritage: It is a project that wants to boost territorial highlight and promote the heritage archaeological, paleontological, architectural and cultural heritage of the municipality of Avellanes and Santa Linya. The center has three floors. The ground floor is dedicated to paleontology and the origins of the earth. The first floor is dedicated to archeology, and the second floor is intended for a multipurpose space, where photographic exhibitions and an auditorium.

  • Seró Space Transmitter: You can see seven stars burial almost 5000 years old, unique to the Peninsula for its anthropomorphic decoration. The building has been built to protect and present the megalithic tomb almost 5,000 years old and serves as the interpretive center.

  • Epicentre Visitor Center: It is the nerve center of the tourist information about the region and the space where the values of their cultural and natural heritage. It offers an engaging experience cultural entertainment, shows and attractions in the region and encourages visitors to discover its landscapes, historical heritage, resources, products and services. It is a space must-see for anyone who wants to know the Pallars Jussà know what the options are for visits and activities and enjoy local products and tourism.

  • Bonifaci House: This is the house in the Plaza Mayor which was inhabited by the Boniface family since the mid-nineteenth century. It is intended that from space-Boniface Museum House Llimiana can, firstly, provide an overview of the history and lineage of Llimiana Boniface, and another, explained the biography of Josep Bonifaci Mora Llimiana a child with a medical history and important policy during the Spanish civil war and the Franco years most of a long exile in different European countries.

  • Cave of the Vilars: It is a cave formed at the base of the Eocene limestone, about 12 meters wide and 8 deep and 3.5 high. In total may count twenty-nine figures made with simple lines and flat colors; the colors used are black, used in four of all representations preserved and reddish.

  • Gold Interpretation Centre of Segre: The Interpretation Centre Oro del Segre is a place located in the building next to the mill on the left beyond the journey through the history of the exploitation of gold in the river Segre and invites visitor to experience the real gold prospectors.

  • Mur Castle: Castle Wall, their architecture and condition, becomes the emblem of the border castles of the Catalan counties. The architectural structure of the castle is very simple, has a plant concentrated, enclosed by a perimeter wall with a round tower as a central element of the whole military. The plant has a triangular shape of the site, it should be noted that at no time has angles, even the walls have rounded corners. The castle sits on a rocky cliff.

Accomodation descriptions:

  • 3* CIM Hotel Terradets: Hotel located in front of the Cellers Lake. It is a three stars familiar hotel located in a mountain gorge named Terradets. It includes: buffet breakfast and dinner or lunch consisting of an astronomical menu. It is provided with a swimming pool and TV in the bedrooms. At 20 minutes by car from the COU.

  • 3* Monastery of Santa Maria de Bellpuig: Hospice in a monastery. Set in a natural environment of woods, gardens and vineyards. Ideal to enjoy of a quiet relaxing stay. It includes: breakfast buffet and dinner or lunch consisting of an astronomical menu. No swimming and no TV available in the bedrooms. Located at 5 minutes by car from the centre of Os de Balaguer, where you can visit the Castle and take parallel activities as well as to pay a visit to the COU, which is situated at 30 minutes by car.

  • 2* Hotel Sanctuary Santo Cristo: The hotel is located in the sanctuary setting, next to the church of Santo Cristo de Balaguer and surrounded by great cultural heritage like the Castle Formós Archaeological Park Plan Almatà. This friendly hotel, located on the hill of the city is characterized by offering peace and quiet absolute tranquility offering magnificent views of the town. Although the site is new construction with spacious rooms, elevator, accessible to people with disabilities and equipped with the latest technologies. It has three floors of rooms with all the services you may need. A total of 31 rooms, all equipped with everything you need so you can spend an excellent stay. It also offers a lounge where you can relax while contemplating the vicinity of the hotel.

  • 1* Hotel Alegret We are a family with many years of tradition and experience, conscious of the moment and the country concerned to provide the best value in the market. We are located in the center of the town of Temple 25 meters from the town hall, in front of the old town. We have room service and café with specific offers for hotel guests, elevator, lounge and games room, TV, air conditioning, wireless (WiFi) free Pet. The rooms are equipped so that our customers feel at home, have bathroom, TV, telephone, air conditioning, heating and wireless (WiFi) free.

  • L'Alcova del Firmament (HUTL000142): Located in the centre of Os the Balaguer village. Accommodation with a bedroom 'Alcova' type (ancient style bedroom), spare space available, complete bath and balcony. Services include: TV, Internet, a music equipment and assortment of free teas. Walking tours in all activities.

  • El Moli de Farfanya Rural farmhouse: It is a rural farmhouse, located in a privileged place for lovers of nature, surrounded by forests of oak and fields, to rest and be quiet, you can hear the diversity of birds that exist in the area and watch at night one night sky, where discovering the sky.

  • Rural Farmhouse of Àger: is an old farmhouse built on a Romanesque chapel of the XI century, restored with great care by its owner, retains the original architecture typical Áger Valley. Breakfast room. Outdoor garden furniture, barbecue, porch and common pool. It has wi-fi, TV, breakfast with the territory artisans products.

  • Cal Maciarol Farmhouse in the middle of nature, 2 km from the center of Ager and just 1 km from the Montsec Astronomical Observatory. Quiet atmosphere, friendly service and exquisite cuisine with homemade look. The facilities must Maciarol can choose between three different types of accommodation to sleep.

  • Cal Roca: In a small, unknown valley of the Pyrenees are hosting our agritourism, Rock House, founded in the fifteenth century by Francesc Roca, a house full of history and tradition. Tradition and modernity are present in every corner of the house, the rooms of the house, the dishes in our restaurant, our olive oil, our jams. By tradition, the Valley Barcedana there abounded the cultivation of vineyards and olive groves; Today, although there is a commitment to the wines of height predominates in our olive crops, fruit and cereals: wheat, barley and canola as an alternative crop. This environment, along with the services that offers the house, make possible our offer of a farmhouse family home with a traditional cuisine based on local products and, in some cases, with products grown and processed in our house.

  • Cal Ribero: With a tradition of peasant farming, currently our main activity is agriculture and that is why Ribero is a family nature lover, fields and diversity offered Lleida . Cal Ribero is one of the best known names in the town of Vilanova de la Sal for belonging to the village for many years the cultivation of fodder and cereal products in their fields. Recently restored an old family building and that is why we offer customers several new rural apartments with garden / barbecue area to stay and enjoy the natural splendor of Vilanova de la Sal and his surroundings.


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Adresse Camí Coll d'Ares s/n
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