Making garlic mayonnaise during a calçotada festival  (Oriol Llauradó)Making garlic mayonnaise during a calçotada festival (Oriol Llauradó)



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Allioli (garlic mayonnaise) is a sauce which is used to accompany a variety of meat dishes –particularly char-grilled meats– and additionally as a finishing touch for many dishes.

To make a successful allioli, here are a few tips. Remove the green kernels from the centre of the garlic cloves, as these make it more difficult to bind the sauce. The ingredients must all be at room temperature, slightly warm, particularly in winter if the oil is kept in a cold larder. The oil must first be added to the mortar with the finely chopped garlic in a very thin trickle, and should always be stirred in the same direction.

There are several ways of re-emulsifying an allioli that has curdled, such as adding breadcrumbs soaked in vinegar or a boiled potato. You can also add an egg yolk, but you will then be making garlic mayonnaise.

The amount of garlic is according to taste: anything from three or four cloves to a whole bulb.

The best allioli is made fresh and has not been refrigerated.

In certain places, such as in Lleida, roast quince is added to make quince allioli; you can also make honey or apple allioli.

Ingredients for 4 people
1 garlic bulb

Peel the garlic cloves and cut them in half. Remove the kernel if there is one.

Place in a mortar with a pinch of salt to stop the garlic jumping out, and pound to a fine paste.

Once the paste is smooth, add a thin trickle of mild-tasting oil while stirring in the same direction and at the same speed. You can also add a squeeze of bitter lemon juice if you have some to help to bind the sauce. The allioli is ready when the pestle stands upright in the sauce.