Hut adapted as a Rural Tourism House in the Delta del Ebro Nature Park Hut adapted as a Rural Tourism House in the Delta del Ebro Nature Park


Активный и спортивный туризм


Rural tourism offers the opportunity of living together with the people of the countryside and participating in different agricultural activities. It has become a good way for families to spend a quiet holiday enjoying the natural setting.

Rural tourism is based on accommodations in country hotels, located in an agricultural setting, that feature the traditional architecture of the area. These holiday homes, which are open all year round, can be rented by room or in their entirety. Capacity is limited, generally with room for a maximum of twelve people.

There are different types of country hotels in Catalonia. Masías are defined as isolated houses on a farm, with rooms equipped to receive guests, that respect the area’s style of architecture, or those built before the year 1950. The country home is located within a group of houses and also equipped to accommodate guests. There are also rural accommodations, residences expressly designed to be small hotels in a rural setting. These can be found in mountain areas, especially in the Pyrenees, or less so near the coast, although in the Empordà area, one can find some magnificent homes.

Many of these homes offer workshops and courses aimed at teaching about the work that is carried out the countryside, such as making bread, feeding animals, etc. The gastronomy is another of its pleasures, since many of these houses still cook using traditional recipes.


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