Abseiling makes it possible to climb down impossible walls with the simple help of a rope, or to quickly slide down vertical surfaces. It is an activity that is used in places where it is otherwise complicated or unsafe to climb down. Abseiling is the most commonly-used, independent way to lower oneself down a steep surface, as the only things needed (in addition to knowing the appropriate technique) are minimal equipment and a rope. Abseiling is used in hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, caving, canyoning and other activities that require participants to descend vertical drops in natural areas.
It is a potentially dangerous activity if not done correctly. Just relying on the equipment is not enough. One must be in good physical and mental shape to do this sport. Having the appropriate technical knowledge is also a necessity. If one does not meet all these requirements, then this activity should be carried out under the supervision of a qualified individual. Catalonia has walls, mountains, ravines and caves that are ideal for lovers of this technique. The company Catalonia Adventures (in Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona) organises outings during which abseiling is practiced on climbing walls. They provide the equipment and give theoretical instructions on the techniques used. The first lowering exercise, from fifteen metres high, is located five kilometres from its base. Once this test is passed, one can go onto a spectacular abseiling experience from thirty metres high, which is located in a cave. The guides provide all types of assistance and ensure the participants’ safety.