Paseo de Colón, Barcelona.   Paseo de Colón, Barcelona.

A snow sport for all skiers


A snow sport for all skiers

If you’re a skier and you have a disability, in the Catalan Pyrenees you will find ski resorts adapted so you can enjoy the snow. Below you can find a few examples.

Tavascan is new this season with exclusive marked circuits. It is the initiative of Anna Vives and Eduard Jornet, backed by Kilian Jornet. They have started by creating circuits adapted for people with intellectual disabilities, they have staff trained in the field who will continue their training to welcome and give support to the visually impaired or people with reduced mobility.

At La Molina you can get around without problems: there you will find a conveyor that will take you right to the slopes. There is also a help point for skiers with reduced mobility where you will find specially adapted equipment. If you want to take up this sport or improve your technique, there are specialized monitors in adaptive skiing. In addition, the resort’s buildings and ski lifts are free of architectural barriers.

In Baqueira Beret and Boí Taüll you can ski with specialized adaptive skiing professionals. They also have equipment adapted to your needs. They have outriggers (short crutches with small skis at the tips), monoskis (a chair on a ski base) and bi-skis (like the monoski but adapted for a ski buddy).

We look forward to seeing you in the Catalan Pyrenees.


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