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A look at the history of Les Garrigues

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A look at the history of Les Garrigues
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Terres de Lleida
Catalan, Espagnol, Anglais


  • 1 night accommodation in double room at "Castle of La Floresta".

  • Dinner in la Placeta restaurant.

  • Guided visit to the remains of the Iberian village of Vilars d'Arbeca.

  • Guided visit with tasting at the winery Vineyard Vilars.

  • Guided visit to the castle of La Floresta.

  • Guided visit to the Macià Space.

  • Tourist information of the route.

  • Travel Insurance. (Check the conditions here)

  • Special surprise gift.

Visits in Catalan, Spanish and English


  • Fortress of the Vilars (Rab): A historical and monumental archaeological, exceptional and unique in our country, they began to build during the early iron age, around 775 a. of the n.e. and was abandoned around 325 to the n.e. Stressing that for more than 400 years was inhabited continuously. Guided tour of 1 hour 30 minutes by the remains of the Iberian people included in the package. Schedule: 12h. Address: Fortress of 41.568325,0.953751 @ Vilars. E-25140 Arbeca (Lleida) - Tel: +34 973 160 008. Web: http://www.vilars.cat/Activitats

  • Vine Cellar Vilars: Guided tour of 1.30h. in the vineyard and the winery's facilities with tasting of 2 wines included in the package. Time 10h. am. Address: Way. Puig-Grós. E-25140 Arbeca (Lleida) - Tel: +34 973 149 144/+34 606 965 986. Web: http://www.vilars.cat/Activitats - E-mail:vinyaelsvilars@vinyaelsvilars.com

  • Castle of La Floresta: Old fortified castle that combines Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance elements, where we can see a room with the ceiling made of wood and painted with plaster panels. It dates from the 14th century, but with remains of Roman times. Form a solid set of buildings, and at one end is placed against the Church, of later construction. Among the identifying elements include: a square crenellated Tower, remarkable transition from Romanesque to Gothic, some Windows with arched column, and the magnificent polychrome panelled ceiling. Guided tour of 1 hour for the different rooms of the Castle and nearby places included in the package. Address: 41 °. 30.55, 0 ° N which e. E-25413 La Floresta (Lleida).- Tel: +34 973 141 094/+34 659 294 542. Web:http://www.castellfloresta.cat

  • Macià Space: It is a center of interpretation of the figure of Francesc Macià, narrates the life and political journey of the legendary president and seeks to provide current reflection from the roots of catalanism. Entrance to the Centre of interpretation (approximately 2 hours) included in the package. Address: Plaça Ramon Arqués, 5. E-25400 Les Borges Blanques - Tel: +34 973 140 874. Web:


Entité organisatrice Tu i Lleida, SL
Type d’événement Gastronomie et vin

Coordonnées GPS X: 0.9079436, Y: 41.5426016
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Commune Arbeca

Entité organisatrice

Tu i Lleida, SL