Four-wheel drive vehicle.    (Daniel Julián)Four-wheel drive vehicle.   (Daniel Julián)


Активный и спортивный туризм


When crossing impossible rivers, fighting against the ice and snow, or clearing the way through a mud field, one feels the power of the engine in a wild setting. Due to their ability to overcome natural obstacles and load capacity, all-terrain vehicles (or 4x4s) have become a leisure activity in and of themselves. Thanks to its features, places which were very difficult to access can now be reached.

All terrain vehicles, or 4x4s, are automobiles that offer safety and can be effectively used in a natural setting. Right out of the factory, they can traverse through forest trails and paths. However, one must know the specific techniques for this type of driving and the regulations set forth in each location.

If you want to drive a 4x4 for a long distance, you must go well-equipped: two spare tyres, an extra tank with fuel, a pump to inflate tyres, a mechanic or hydraulic jack, and all types of tools can be very useful. You must also take a map of the area you will be travelling through.

Sports and extreme adventure enthusiasts can follow routes or participate in competitions. One of the most well-attended competitions is the Campeonato de Catalunya de Trial 4x4, which consists of seven races held from March to November.

Lastly, one must take into account the restrictions when driving through the countryside. In Catalonia, the maximum speed limit is thirty kilometres per hour and driving can only be done along paths that are at least four metres wide.

Often, the best option is to contact a 4x4 club in order to obtain information on the areas where one can drive in accordance with the current regulations. In the province of Barcelona, there are about twenty that offer driving courses as well as routes.


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